What is a PLC?

PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) are devices which are configured to automate what would otherwise be manual processes.

PLCs are everywhere, from your home climate control system right through to Mega Power Stations.

If your business uses humans to turn things on and off at set set times, or based on certain criteria or events, then it’s likely a PLC can do the job instead.

Reduce repetitive manual processes, increase reliability,  and make better use of your staff.

Take a look at the case study below.

Our PLC Services to NIWA

IT Stuff has been developing PLC solutions for NIWA since 2017

We have primarily been involved in developing complex pumping solutions which control multiple process pumps which in turn deliver a variety of products to different live stock tanks.

We have also developed other bespoke applications, here are some those solutions:


The Autoclave steam cleaner is used to clean and sterilise equipment and receptacles under high pressure.

This PLC application is built using Ladder Logic on industry standard controllers.

Cleaning cycles can be sheduled or manually started once system  and safety criteria are checked (eg door locked, sterilising temperature reached) .

When the cycle starts, the door is locked; a cleaning cycle can be interrupted via the control panel 

Autofeed Controller

Again, based on Ladder Logic, in this case on a much larger and more powerful device to that used for the Autoclave.

In this configuration, up to 64 pumps are controlled via scheduled or manually initiated feed-cycles.

Product is fed from chilled resevoirs and distribited via process pumps to stock tanks around the facility.

Products and tanks can all be configured with  unique timing and volume cycles. 

IT Stuff PC Feeder

Acknowledging the need for cost-effective PLC solutions base on standard hardware platforms, IT Stuff developed a PC solution incorporating modular relays and the ultra small form factor NUC.

This solution utilises more traditional development tools, moving away from Ladder Logic to C#.

This configuration provides a more rapid turnaround of switching solutions, the core system being fully configurable as well as permitting bespoke features to suit our clients

These modules can be configured to switch 5, 12 and 24V DC and higher voltage AC devices.

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