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Technology simplified

Through the Computer Services we offer, our goal is to simplify computer technology; we make IT work for you through improved business process and marrying up the right technical tools to meet your needs.

Computer Consulting Service is our core competancy and we pride ourselves in high quality service, close contact with the customer and on-going follow up to ensure our solutions continue working for you.

IT for Business

Microsoft 365, Office 365, Microsoft Office, Email, Domain Name

Computers and Technology should be there to help you; to improve your processes, deliver improved efficiencies and ideally save time/money.

The reality is that without the right scoping , planning and training, IT can become more of a hinderance and you  are forever in fixup mode,

We are here to help you choose the right computer systems that suit your business needs.

Do you have manual and repetative paper-based processes? These can be automated.

There is always room for improvement, if you have the appetite for change.

PLC Development

Process Control, Process Automation, Automated Systems

IT Stuff has delivered some great PLC solutions to customers who have complex manual processes which can be automated. 

Automation is an essential service in many industries.

Whether you turn lights on and off, or start / stop motors, or dispense food and nutrients to livestock, the implementation of automated solutions take out human error and tedious repetitve manual actions.

Key outcomes include better use of staff time, improved morale and confidence in automated processes without the need for people intervention.

Drone Services

Drone Mapping, Farm Mapping, Drone Videography

There’s no question, drones are fun!

But fun as they are, there are some really serious benefits to be gained from various outputs provided by drones.

High resolution mapping provide fantastic showcase photographs of prestigious properties but there are also measurable financial benefits to be gained by having detailed measurments of your farm.

No more relying on out-of-date or inaccurate imagery to calculate the surface area of paddocks. Now, ordering nutrient, fertilizer and minerals becomes a more exact practice,  avoiding over or under-ordering.


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