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No Hassle UFB Organisation!

I don’t like dealing with telcos! I don’t understand the technical language and haven’t the time or energy to go through the long phone process. Mal did the entire thing for me! He organised Ultra Fast Broadband and brokered a package that suited me- UFB, landline, mobile, and SKY. He got me a great price including a discount- better than anything I had seen when searching. He did all the communication and sorting of issues (there are always issues). He kept me informed via chats and emails and came to meet and supervise the installers, making sure everything was working properly. I am super happy with this service. I highly recommend Mal, he was friendly and professional and really knows what he is talking about. He is an expert in the IT field! Thanks so much Mal.

Jeni Walsh

But with so many new gadgets and systems coming on the market, I often feel quite lost


“Mal has helped me sort out all kinds of IT-related challenges in our home environment. As a semi-retired translator, I still use computers and the internet quite a lot. But with so many new gadgets and systems coming on the market, I often feel quite lost. Mal is an excellent teacher and can easily empathize with “senior citizen” customers and explain things in a comprehensible way. He also has an incredible ability to quickly analyse IT setups and solve problems. Highly recommended!”

Derek Stewart
former Kiwi (now pensioner) living in Helsinki. Finland

As at mid Aug 2016, Mal has more than 650 skills endorsements on LinkedIn from customers and peers

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I am so grateful to Mal Snaize and the work he does. He is patient and logical and gets the job fixed.

Some time ago Mal installed an internet wifi system going from the house down to an outdoor cabin. The cabin is 100 meters down the driveway. We have been able to use the cabin as an outside office, and as a second room for the occasional guest. On the weekend I had to undo and reinstate the internet cables due to work being done inside the house. Of course I put the cables back incorrectly. Oh dear no internet in the cabin for 48 hours. Today I sent Mal pictures of how the cables were reinstalled across the array of little boxes. He walked me through it and sorted it in no time. AND I HAD SPENT HOURS ON TRYING TO FIX IT OVER THE WEEKEND. So very grateful to Mal. It is so good to have an expert on hand.”  Janet Dougherty

Bizgrow Limited

Janet Dougherty (RGON RM BBUS NLP​)

Experiential Games Creator, Educator and Facilitator

Janet Dougherty

Mal has great communication skills, his honesty and work ethic is admirable

John and Hannie Bensch“We made use of Mal Snaize’s services  on an ongoing basis for more than a year now. For example, Mal transferred all our data from one computer to another when we upgraded. Almost immediately we had problems with our printer that was not compatible with the new computer, Mal sorted that out. The following week upgrades from Windows changed all our settings and Mal attended the same day to rectify and also arrange for installation of a reputable program to check spams and viruses. The service and support we received from start to completion was outstanding. Not only was Mal knowledgeable but he came up with creative ideas/alternatives that we used. Mal has great communication skills, his honesty and work ethic is admirable. It was a pleasure to have Mal working for us in our home and office. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any computer work.

John and Hannie Bensch
Building Managers, Point Ridge 

You were straight onto it, knowing just how to resolve the issues I was having

Chrissy Taylor

Congrats Mal, you are bound to do really well since you certainly know your stuff. I remember some time ago you did some work for me helping me with some set up issues I had. You were straight onto it, knowing just how to resolve the issues I was having. Thanks again for that! I wish you well in the new job, but you don’t really need it because you will just be great! All the best, Chrissy Taylor

Christine Taylor
Client Relationship Manager

Thank you

Thank you Mal for the work you did on arranging wifi for my Wwoof Volunteers accommodation. Loved the way you organised the electrician and had everything handled so the fittings required could be installed in one appointment and that wifi from the house can be used on a separate login. Really great service. Very happy to recommend you or be a reference should you require one.

Janet Dougherty
bizgrow Ltd