IT Support For Home Users

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When Technology just won’t play nice for you IT Stuff can make order out of the chaos.

If you’re a parent trying to keep up with the kids or a grandparent baffled by gadgets let us demystify the black art of computing; In no time at all we can have you emailing and texting and using technology at home as is should be – with ease and simplicity.

With some basic tuition you’ll be chatting with the grandkids on FB and Skype and with some luck we’ll find cheaper ways to communicate with the family

Easy EmailWifi or LAN?Using your Mobile Device


Start with the basics, there's no excuse.

Email is generally free. If you have a computer and or a mobile phone you can have access to email pretty much anywhere!

If you already have email, how well are you managing it? Do you have your contacts synchronised to the cloud?

What would happen if you lost your phone? have you lost your contacts too? We will make sure that doesn't happen.


So you have your computer and you're connected with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

How do you access your email and the internet anywhere in the house?

It's really easy! email from the office, Skype from the bedroom, stream TV channels in the living room. Even have your favourite recipe on your tablet in the kitchen.

Technology is here to help you; our job is to tease it into behaving well for you.


You're all hooked up at home and it's time to go to the shops; how will people keep in touch if you need them to? how about sharing a shopping list so everyone in the house can add to it?

Time to go mobile! with your tablet or mobile phone, access to emails and programmes (Apps) such as Shopping are all at your fingertips.

It won't be long before you are texting Burt from the meat counter to see what he fancies for dinner.
PrintingSkypeSocial Media



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Now we can share documents to our many devices and with family, friends and colleagues via the cloud, printing has become less important. There are times though when you need a printed copy of a document, email or bank statement for example.

What printer do you need? Laser? Ink Jet? and how do you hook it up? What happens when it goes BEEP or comes up with an error message?

These are all questions we can answer and have you up and running in short order.
There are many applications which allow home users to video chat with family and friends from across the world.

Network performance now means that it's like having the other person in the same room.

Businesses have been doing this for some time now but over the last few years it has becoming so affordable that Skype for example has replaced the old telephone in some homes,

We're here to show you how.
There are many tools available for contacting each other and different groups of friends will have their own favourite.

These messaging tools range from Facebook for community / forum discussions and sharing experiences through to more instant messaging such as Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp.

It doesn't take much to learn to use these tools and when you do you can be more readily in touch.

Let's show those youngsters that you're not quite ready for the knackers yard!