Technology In Small Businesses

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IT Stuff can design your Office templates to promote a consistent and professional look to your clients. Let’s review your mail and calendar processes so you don’t lose that lead ever again!

Small Home and Home Office (SOHO) businesses and Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) owners rarely have time to set up tools and processes to make their lives easy and efficient.

Make time now and have more time later.


Work SmarterBe Mobile, Be Connected, Be AvailableHow YOU Lookin'?

The old way - Manual Invoices, long hours, snail-mail, follow-up calls = slow manual payment

Better Way BWPayment Cylcle BW

A better way to do things: Automated Invoicing, Payment Tracking = more time in your life

Devices to cloud BW

In business today, just answering the phone isn't enough.

  • Can you pick up your client's records from your laptop?
  • How about discussing that proposal they sent you last week?
  • Can you access your documents and email from your phone or tablet?

If you can't at the very least do those three things, then you need to get connected.

Inconsistent Look and Feel

Your web presence, documents, invoices and emails tell a story about your business. You can see in the example above, a lack of theme and consistency is distracting and sends the wrong message about your business - first looks DO count!

Look Consistent BW

You should aim for a consistent look and feel; all of your documents should be "tuned" to be in harmony with each other and with your business theme.

Whether it be a minimalist simple look-and-feel like this site or lots of colour and imagery with visual excitement, it should be consistent.

If your customers see you do it for yourself, it gives them the confidence you will do it for them.

We develop template documents to automate how your documents are created and how they will look.