Drone Services

9b - Drone Clear CutThere’s a lot of talk about Drones at the moment – some good and some bad. To mitigate some of the bad rep and to stay safe, we provide professional Drone Services following CAA guidelines and with Safety and Privacy being key to where and how we fly.

We map farms and subdivisions and produce high-resolution imagery. How about a beautiful video montage of your home, bach or business? All to be shared on social media or DVD and kept as a memento to look back on.

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By mapping your farm we can provide highly accurate imagery and measurements which can be downloaded to farm management systems contributing to treatment and irrigation plans.

Capturing footage of boundaries, property and buildings which you can review at your leisure in the evening allows you to identify damage and any repairs that might be required - Avoid hazardous climbs and let us fly our drone up to your roof to check for tile or gutter damage or blockages.
Regular flights over subdivisions provide a visual record of eartworks, safety measures in place and the progress being made over time.

Using GPS coordinates and smart 3D processing we can calculate how much material has been moved or removed.

Save huge amounts of time by flying the subdivision rather than walking it and talking manual readings!`
If you would like to showcase your home, farm or business using video and photographic imagery we will fly over and around your property.

You can share your videos and pictures via social media and web sites. We will also provide a DVD with all imagery captured during our visit.

the example above has been altered for privacy - our actual images are high resolution.