Drone Safety and Hazards

Hazard SignAs with most fun activities, drone flying comes with its own set of hazards. A hazard is anything or anyone that could be hit or harmed. It’s important to remember that a drone, whilst small, is a moving aircraft with very fast propellers that can injure or damage. Risk identification and mitigation is the number one priority when assessing a venue for flight.

Our team’s jobĀ first and foremost is to identify all hazards, both potential and real, to ensure the safety of customers, crew, bystanders and property.

Prior to agreeing to any contract our team will visit the venue to identify such hazards to plan for safe flying; once flying we ensure a “spotter” keeps an eye out for dynamic hazards – i.e. anything moving that might come close to the drone, or anything static that the drone must avoid.

We really cannot overemphasise the importance of safety to ensure our visit is fun for all and we capture great imagery without incident. The following are key areas we focus on and our clients should be aware of these.