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Is your Data safe?
Your Data is your Business and your business is your data so,
Is your Data safe?

Do you backup your business - and if you do where is that backup stored? Is it in the same building or even room as the computer you are protecting?

What happens if you are burgled or suffer some sort of disaster that destroys you computer - does your backup get destroyed too?

If your business data is either no backed up at all or backed up in the same location as your business then you really need to consider implementing a safe backup regime.
Are you a target for Ransomware?

Ransomware can take diferent forms, but it is a type of malware that denies access to a
device or files until a ransom has been paid. Ransomware encrypts a user or company’s
files and forces them to pay a fee to the hacker in order to regain access to their own
Ransomware encrypts the files on a workstation, and can travel across your network
and encrypt files located on both mapped and unmapped network drives. It’s how one
infected user can bring a department or entire organization to a halt.
Once the files are encrypted, the hackers will display a screen or webpage explaining
how to pay to unlock the files. Historically, ransoms started in the $300-$500 range,
but fast forward to 2016 and companies are being hit with ransoms in the thousands of
Paying the ransom invariably involves paying a form of e-currency (cryptocurrency) like
Bitcoin. Once the hackers verify payment, they provide “decryptor” software, and the
computer starts the arduous process of decrypting all of the files.
If you lose a device it can be replaced
What about the information on that device
Contacts, Phone Numbers, Leads
All gone?
Include your device in your backup regime so if the device goes your data can be easily restored.