About Me

Mal SnaizeIT Stuff is my trading name; who am I?

My name is Mal Snaize. I’ve been in the IT industry since before there was an IT industry.

I am not a salesman, I am just passionate about IT and how it helps me in my business life and how it can help you.

Way back in 1978, before the internet as we know it, before email even, I was a young enthusiastic technician working at the University of York. Those were days when programming was in machine languages and we built computers from chips and boards we designed.

Over the years transitioning from one discipline to the next I was finally delivering multi-million dollar systems for corporate clients.

It’s been a long and really interesting road over these many years but I have to say that what I missed most is the hands-on relationship with the smaller customers and individuals and it was at the end of 2015 that my partner, Tiina, and I decided it was time to move away from Corporate IT and focus more on the home and small businesses.

Here I can bring years of experience to a customer group who either don’t have the time or don’t have the right people helping them. Here I can deliver services to the small guy and have a bit of fun while I’m doing it (check out my Drone Services!).

So what do I offer?

Having been a sole trader since 1985, I know what areas of running a business are tedious, I know how to improve process through technology and simplification and I know how to improve a business’ image – Simple stuff like standard templates for a nice clean image, a simple website to promote your business. If you need branding, my daughter is a graphic designer and will be more than happy to work with you.

Given what I do, I am often asked to fix email or phone or home network or printers … and the list goes on. Here is where I plan to help the home users. With a quick look at the problem I can hopefully get you back up and running in short order.

Finally, with the best to last, check out my drone services from farm mapping to aerial videography.

Have a browse through the site and drop me a line if you’de like to catch up.